More Challenging Than the Locals

My grandfather is skilled when it comes to poker. Some would say that he’s too skilled, because he always wins. He used to play poker against the other elderly people at the senior center, but they banned him from playing because he would keep beating everyone and they thought it would be more fair to let everyone else have a chance at winning. My grandfather called them all sore losers and now sticks to playing Poker88 at home. On the website, he doesn’t have to worry about getting banned, because sometimes he loses.

As good as my grandfather was when playing against the other local people, there were some people online that were even better than him, and they made him realize that he wasn’t going to be able to win every game very quickly. His first opponent on the website had a really good winning hand that my grandfather thought was nothing more than a bluff. He went all in with his bet, but when the cards were revealed, he realized that he had made quite a mistake. This was the first time I had ever see my grandfather lose at poker, and it really hit him in his pride.

It’s a good thing that no one else was around to see my grandfather lose the game, or they would have thrown it in his face. Wanting revenge for the loss, my grandfather challenged the player again, only to lose to him again a second time. For better or worse, my grandfather doesn’t like to give up when faced with an obstacle, so he challenged the player again, and lost again. He challenged him one more time and finally won against the player. When he did, he did a celebration dance in front of his computer, which was funny to see.

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